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「確認希望なら工事してる時に来て下さい」と💦 わ〜💦深夜か〜💦と思いましたが、頑張って深夜に行って来ます!

Today the window poster arrived!

there are a few windows to put posters on,

we are making other posters as well😉

this week big sign board will change!

we needed to have permission from police to order to stop the road. because we need to hire a crane! they have to change the sign board while there are less people on the road. they will change from midnight till 3:00 in the morning!! They said that if we need to check please come in during the changing time.. first time Ever we are going out 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning💦 but looking forward to see it‼️

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