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Hello everyone!

The weather is getting slowly warmer each day✨

I recently visited the FB shop, Tokyo branch. Me (Maya) and Chizuko are wearing FB dresses.

The shop had a lot of gorgeous dresses and practice wear!

All original designs!

We had a lovely time chatting with the lady in charge, Mrs Eto✨

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to wear a FB dresses again this year!

When that time comes, please have a look out FB dresses❤️

FB makes order made dresses and practice wear. They also have dresses for rental as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with me(Maya) or chizuko❤️



先日、私(マヤ )や智津子先生がお世話になっているドレス、FBの東京支店ができましたので伺わせていただきました!



また、オーダーやレンタルもFBは受付ておりますので、ご質問がある方は私(マヤ )か智津子先生まで、お気軽にお声掛けください✨

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