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Party Part2

先月はAir Dance Loungeのパーティーに参加致しました!このパーティーを最後に智津子先生が東京に来る事は暫くないので、三人で記念撮影を致しました!






We attended the Air Dance Lounge Dance Party last month.

This party was chizuko’s last dance party in Tokyo. We took lots of photos and hopefully we can see each other again soon.

The party venue was the same our Christmas party!

Our student, Mr Yokomizo danced Samba with Chizuko sensei.

Also Ms Iwai danced a Tango with Matthew sensei. They both enjoyed their own demonstrations✨

We danced a Tango for our Professional Demonstration as well.

We have already started thinking about our Christmas party! 😅

But before that we are going to the UK for a competition in July!

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