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Injury prevention and muscle strength improvement

​ Ballroom dance is a dance that anyone, regardless of age, can learn safely and securely at any level!

In addition to dancing, we also give advice on how to move your body, how to build muscles, and how to stretch at home.

Private lessons
Group lessons
​Beginner course
​Wedding course


Ballroom dancing helps strengthen your legs,

as well as taking concentration and focus, it is an excellent exercise for the brain!

Dancing has been proven to be very good for you!

Individual lessons and group classes available.

Please feel free to visit us at the studio.

​ If you have never danced before, we have a beginner course.


​ Stretch course

Before exercise (warm up)

After exercise (cool down)

Injury prevention is essential!

​ We will give you lessons that you can do at home. Training that stimulates the inner muscles,

core training, essential for dance​. 

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