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M & M British Ballroom Dance

2023 International
professional over 35
Ballroom ​Champion🏆🥇

​Try ballroom dancing with its elegance, style and body changing exercise. An excellent hobbie for all ages!


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What We Do

Thorough infection control

What is ballroom dancing?

English and British manners


Injury prevention

Strength up

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Q, For those who are about to start ballroom dancing

Please give me a message.

It's easy to get started even if you're a beginner, although it may seem a little difficult at first! There are not only dance classes but also stretching classes, so even those who are not used to physical activity can easily get started!

​Mrs. YK

Q, Why did you choose this studio?

Please tell us

Matthew Day's high technical skills (techniques)
A warm and generous personality.
​ I was attracted to that humanity.


​Q, What is a good reason to start ballroom dancing at our studio?

I enjoy taking lessons while interacting with different cultures.


Hello everyone.  Our names our Matthew & Maya Day, we are the owners of M & M British Ballroom Dance.

It was in 2000 that we first met in England. After a few years we got married, and decided to work together here in Japan.

we've been in Japan since 2006 working in various studios, but in 2020 there was an opertunity to open our own school here in Ikegami!

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